Do Me No Harm

When her teenage son Robbie's drink is spiked, Olivia Somers is devastated. She has spent her adult life trying to protect people and keep them safe - not only as a mother, but also in her chosen profession as a doctor. 
So she tries to put it down to a horrible accident and simply hopes no-one endangers those she loves again.
But someone from the past is after revenge. And, as she and her family come under increasing threat, the oath that Olivia took when she first became a doctor - to do no harm to others - will be tested to its very limits.

Where the Truth Lies

Claire's husband has been keeping secrets from her. About the whereabouts of the witness to the murder trial he's prosecuting. And about the emails he's been getting, threatening to kill their four-year old daughter, unless he tells the blackmailer where the witness is hiding. With their daughter's life at stake, it's left to Claire to untangle the web of lies and half-truths and find out who just might be responsible. And to stop them. Before it's too late.

Tell Me No Secrets

Grace has lived in the same village on the east coast of Scotland for almost her entire life. It’s a small place where everyone knows one another. Safe and secure, it’s the perfect place for her and her husband Paul to bring up their twin girls. Grace feels that, finally, life is good. Until a phone call from her old best friend, a woman she hasn’t seen since her teens threatens to take away everything she holds dear.